Ramadan Decor

Hey guys!

We are just a few days away from Ramadan (InshAllah)! 

This year Zizou is old enough to appreciate Ramadan and what it means so I am going to make an effort to truly engage him.  We started off with decorating our home with a DIY decor project - nothing overly fancy.

I purchased and downloaded the digital Ramadan decor from Sidra Art Boutique and we were good to get started.

What we used:

  1. Digital Files from Sidra Art Boutique
  2. 60 lb White Card stock Paper (I purchased this from Michael’s)
  3. Scissors
  4. Hole Punch 
  5. White Twine (I purchased this from Michael’s)
  6. Tape (I used magic tape to avoid any damage to my walls)

What we did:

  1. Printed off multiple copies of the pages provided by Sidra Art Boutique
  2. Cut out all the shapes - I can't tell you how therapeutic cutting and some good music can be!
  3. Used the hole punch to make holes in all the shapes
  4. Used twine to make one line of just crescents and spaced them out at equal intervals
  5. Made another line where I spaced out a few mosques in equal intervals
  6. Used tape to secure both of the lines to my wall - the line of crescents on top and the line of mosques below
  7. Knotted twine (at different lengths) to each of the stars and then tied 2 or 3 stars in-between each mosque

And you are done!


For the countdown to Eid, I purchased and printed the Eid Countdown print from Sidra Art Boutique. I put it in a simple frame from Ikea and used a wipeable marker to do the countdown.

The mosque marquee is from Days of Eid.

I got Zizou to “cut” some of the shapes, pull the twine through each of the shapes and then tape it to the wall with me. He was so excited throughout the process and keeps telling anyone that visits our house that he decorated it :)

Happy Ramadan everyone!