10 Gift Ideas for Muslim Kids

Growing up, there weren't that many toys or books that were catered to Muslim kids specifically.  Over the last few years, there has been great growth in that area and I am so happy to see products pop up that my children can enjoy, learn from and identify with.  

Here are my top 10 gift ideas for Muslim babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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1. Cute Muslim Specific Onesies: Dress up your baby in these adorable Sidra Art Boutique Onesies. These are available in different phrases and designs but the “Mom’s Fajr Alarm” onesie is my personal favourite.

2. Arabic Alphabet Puzzles: Let your child start learn the Arabic alphabet with the Thinkernation’s Arabic Puzzle. Its wooden construction makes it durable and safe for kids. The back of the puzzle board is a chalk board so older kids can start practicing their arabic writing skills as well. 

3. Prayer Mat: Your little one might not be able to pray yet, but they still want to copy their parents. Get them their very own prayer mat from Eastern Toybox. They are really soft and colorful.

4. Pillow: This adorable pillow by Handmade Beginnings is not only great for decorating your nursery, but it is a great reminder to older kids to always say their duas before going to sleep! (There are several different colors to choose from). 

5. Doll: Unleash your child’s imagination with this adorable doll from Poppy the Doll. I got Baby A the one with the little guy wearing a prayer hat and a thob - it is so cute! 

6. Milestone Cards: The milestone cards by Sidra Art Boutique are the perfect way to capture really important Islamic milestones in your child’s life. They come as a pack of five. Each set consists of  “today I prayed, read Quran, did Wudu, fasted and smiled for the first time”. They are great to use as a photo prop and make an adorable keepsake!

7. Story Book: I absolutely love the Ilyas and Duck Series. I read all three books to Zizou and he absolutely loved it! The “Search for Allah” book was his favourite. It explains such an important concept so beautifully with great illustrations.

8. Room Decor: These arabic wall decals by Sidra Art Boutique are perfect for decorating your baby’s nursery. They are super cool and easily removable. As your kid grows, you can start using the decals to teach them their arabic alphabets.

9. Wall Hanging: I am a sucker for simple and minimalist designs. The “Allah is with you wherever you are” wall hanging by Poppetry Shop is such a cute and important reminder for our little ones. The quality is amazing!

10. Alhamdullilah Book: I am always trying to find ways to teach my kids (especially my four year old, Zizou) to be grateful for everything they have and thanking Allah for it. The "Alhamdullilah for Series" book by Ayeina is a great way to teach the concept of gratitude towards Allah.

Hope you guys check out my list! 

Let me know of any other products you think my boys will love!

With love,