The Mother in Me

When asked about what defines me the most, at this moment in time, it is definitely the mother in me.  

Pregnancy itself is a miraculous thing. For nine months, I went from the lows of morning sickness to the highs of feeling my baby move for the first time. Feeling my son kicking, hiccuping, and occasionally getting his little foot stuck in my ribs was all kinds of beautiful. But nothing truly prepared me for the day I finally met him.

One afternoon in 2013, when I felt like I couldn't take the labour pains anymore, my doctor told me not to cry because I was about to meet my baby. One more push, and there he was. For the first time in my life, I experienced love at first sight. Looking back at what I expected before being labor, I know I was mentally prepared for the pain (I had read and heard enough horrid stories). What no one can ever prepare you for is that very moment you become a mother.

So why do I think motherhood defines me the most? Because after having a child, you can never be the same again. Motherhood completely consumes you. Honestly, at times you forget about yourself in the chaos of having a little one dependant on you. Not only will you never pee in peace, eat a full meal without having to get up from your chair or have to do an outfit check to make sure you don't have food stuck on you somewhere, but you also lose a part of yourself.  That afternoon, a part of me was separated from me. Now, I live a life constantly consumed with how I can make my son content (which includes watching Star Wars on repeat) and the world around him a better place. I ache when he aches, I am happy when he is happy and so on. 

This year, I was blessed with my second son. Just when I thought I couldn't love someone as much as I love Z, my heart expanded, and I fell in love all over again. This time for Baby A (I will tell you more about him in another post).

Enough about me! I would love to hear how would you define yourself? So email/instgram/message me!

Lots of love for now,