A Love Letter to Pakistan

Dear Pakistan,

This letter is written from the heart and with sheer love to one of the most vibrant, beautiful and frankly exciting countries in the world.   

There is the obvious reasons why I love you. Your food is absolutely amazing - the karak chai, the parathas, the kebabs, the mangoes, the chaat, and the challis are to die for.  Your shopping is every girl’s dream. From designers like Elan, HSY, and Sania Mastakiya, to the road side vendors that sell hand-made art, the craftsmanship is at a whole new level.  Without a doubt,  you are stunning on the eyes. with your unique blend of landscapes.  Your people are absolutely beautiful (Fawad Khan is all I am going to say here). And of course, your language is sweet when spoken and hypnotizing when used in poetry. 

But what truly makes you beautiful is in your name, your purity. Every time I walk out of the airport in to Pakistan, the aura is different.  It is almost magical and I can instantly feel the warmth of your land.

When I think some of my most favourite memories you have given me, I remember buying Coca Cola and Top Pops for ten rupees with my cousins, trying to battle other kid’s kites during Basant, falling asleep in the courtyard of my grandmothers home while star gazing, roaming bazaars the night before Eid trying to find the perfect bangles to match my clothes, or eating chaat at the side of the street.  I remember sitting with a lantern and playing cards when the electricity cut out, quickly rolling down my car window to buy gajrey (flower bracelets) and that sweet sweet smell of mothia (jasmine).

I, along with every Pakistani living abroad, misses the liveliness of your Pak land every day. But I am proud of your success and excited for what the future holds for this young country.

Happy 70th Birthday Pakistan.

Sohni Dharti Allah Rakey Qadam Qadam Abad Tujhe.

Ps. Scroll Down for some of my pictures from my recent Pakistan trip